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Gita Refractories Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore (India)
An ISO 9001:2000 certified company

The leading Refractory Manufacturer & Exporter of Refractory Bricks & other top Industrial Refractory Products.

Gita possesses sophisticated plant infrastructure and is equipped with ultra high temperature tunnel kiln (+1750oC), several high capacity pneumatically operated heavy-duty mechanical presses, modern mixers, gassifier, mill house consisting of ball mill and other grinding units etc. You can see some of the images of various machineries, infrastructure and testing equipment at Gita Refractories in the above animation.

Further, as an ongoing process, the company is adding up many more machineries and equipments to strengthen and expand -- continuously modernizing the manufacturing capability and capacity of the plant.      

Gita has full fledge laboratory with facilities to test refractory products as per BIS (Beau of Indian Standards), ASTM, GOST and DIN 



Gita Refractories is a leading refractory firebrick manufacturer & supplier in India of the best refractory materials such as refractories firebricks, fire brick mortar & other world-class refractories to customers in India & across the world.

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